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Sega's Secret Weapon for Web3 Success: Licensing Beloved Gaming IPs

A few weeks ago you may have read about Sega halting its internal development of web3 games. This announcement left me feeling disappointed as the industry could greatly benefit from major studios making a significant impact on the blockchain gaming scene. However, it appears that we might have jumped to conclusions too soon. Instead of relying solely on internal development, which can be risky and expensive, Sega is taking a different approach by partnering with Line Next for development of their IP into web3 games. This shift in strategy indicates that Sega is still actively exploring the blockchain gaming realm, albeit through innovative partnerships and collaborations. 


Line Next's Collaboration with Sega Line Next, a division of mobile messaging firm Line based in Seongham, South Korea, has entered into a partnership with Sega. The collaboration aims to create a Web3 game for Game Dosi, a blockchain gaming platform. This agreement involves Line Next obtaining the intellectual property licensing rights to one of Sega's highly popular video game IPs.

  • Sega Embracing Web3 Gaming: The article highlights Sega's decision to venture into the Web3 gaming space by partnering with Line Next. By licensing one of its popular video game IPs for development into a Web3 game on the Game Dosi platform, Sega demonstrates its willingness to explore and invest in blockchain-based gaming technologies.
  • Line Next's NFT Ecosystem Focus: Line Next, a division of Line, a mobile messaging firm based in South Korea, is dedicated to expanding the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. Through this collaboration with Sega, Line Next aims to integrate NFTs into the Web3 game's development, bringing unique and collectible assets to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Shifting Web3 Game Development Strategy: The article reveals that Sega has opted to shift its approach to Web3 game development. Rather than developing its own games for the Web3 space, Sega now looks to third-party companies like Line Next for expertise and partnership opportunities. This strategy allows Sega to focus on its core competencies while still capitalizing on the growing Web3 gaming market.
  • Sega's Continued Investment: Despite shifting some of its game development efforts to third parties, Sega remains committed to investing in the blockchain gaming space. This decision indicates that Sega sees potential in the technology and is willing to stay involved in the evolving landscape of blockchain-based games.
  • Game Dosi's User-Centric Approach: The article provides insights into Game Dosi, a Web3 gaming platform launched in May. Positioned as "Gamer First, Web3 Next," the platform prioritizes user-centered and game-centered services. This focus on user experience aligns with the partnership between Sega and Line Next, aiming to create Web3 content accessible and enjoyable for gamers worldwide, including existing Sega fans.

Overall, we are seeing increasing synergy between traditional gaming companies like Sega and specialized firms in the Web3 and NFT space. It also illustrates the potential of blockchain gaming to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering unique experiences and ownership possibilities to players.