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Gods Unchained: Tides of Fate | Available Now!

Players can explore a vast array of 142 new cards, including 15 legendary cards that are bound to add an exciting twist to the game. These cards introduce various novel characters and mythical beings, offering players fresh strategies and ways to engage in the game.

Sartonians vs. Draka

Tides of Fate encourages players to become active in the unfolding story by choosing to side with either the industrious Sartonians or the fearless dragon-riding Draka. This decision influences the narrative and plays a crucial role in determining the rewards and challenges players will encounter.

Introducing Manasurge: A New Way to Play

The expansion brings with it Manasurge, an innovative game mechanic that provides bonus effects to cards depending on the player’s mana availability. This mechanic introduces a new layer of strategy, encouraging players to carefully consider whether to play their cards early or hold onto them to unleash their full potential later.

Building upon the success of the previous Band of the Wolf set, Tides of Fate introduces an upgraded, automated crafting system within the Forge. This new system allows players to discover exclusive cards, enhancing the overall collecting experience and adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Additionally, players will join Eiko, a young warrior, on a captivating journey through mystical lands. From the glittering waters of Atlant to the bustling Whitesalt City of Sartonia and the volcanic island of Vasek, players will uncover new stories, meet lost friends, and experience the rich lore of the Gods Unchained universe.