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Gods Unchained Begins Rolling Out AQUA's Embedded Marketplace


Gods Unchained is rolling out the AQUA Embedded Marketplace to a random 25% of players. This partial rollout is a massive step forward for seamless web3 gaming, allowing gamers to purchase their gaming items directly in the game client.

This is different from the initial rollout, as the teams at GU and AQUA are including additional wallet connection functionality to allow for easier use for Metamask and creating a unique user experience by combining the in-game client marketplace with the look and feel of Gods Unchained. Gamers will find this upgraded experience faster and less distracting from playing their game. 

The random 25% rollout has begun and will be followed by a 50% rollout, and then finally 100% in the coming weeks.

Why only 25% of players? AQUA and Gods Unchained are working closely together to ensure that the Embedded Marketplace is a great experience for gamers. The Gods Unchained Embedded Marketplace is initially rolling out to a random 25% of players to gather feedback from a portion of the Gods Unchained audience and to address any issues that users may experience prior to a full rollout. This is standard practice for any major feature rollout for any web2 or web3 games.

Why did God’s Unchained rollback the previous time? AQUA and the Gods Unchained team mutually agreed to rollback the initial release of the Embedded Marketplace to make sure the best experience possible is provided to players by improving the integration of Metamask, and creating a familiar UX experience by theming the Embedded Marketplace with the look and feel of Gods Unchained.

How will an in-game embedded marketplace benefit you?

  • Save time purchasing gaming items so gamers can jump back into playing the game faster. 
  • Gives gamers a familiar gaming experience, replicating traditional gaming transactions.
  • Smoother secondary marketplace experience and convenience
  • Allows new buyers/non-crypto players to easily utilize the marketplace

Find the cards you need and want, without ever leaving the game!

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