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Best Blockchain Games on Google Play Right Now

Web3 gaming fans know this pain all too well: you hear about a new blockchain game, the screenshots look great, but when you actually play it, it’s just not fun. With the explosive rise of blockchain gaming over the last few years, perusing the markets for a solid game that doesn’t feel like a chore can be pretty exhausting. We all love the mainstays like Axie, but a vast majority of blockchain games can feel like crypto crowbarred into a pretty lame plot or concept, with fun and adventure as an afterthought. 

But all is not lost, brave gamers: we’re here to save you from digital disappointment with this honest, play-tested, peer reviewed lineup of the best blockchain games available on Google Play right now. These games have blockchain integration, awesome mechanics, and most of all, they’re actually fun to play!


For fans of: Pokemon GO, hiking


Imagine if your daily coffee-break walk could earn you a few bucks. CoinHuntWorld is far from a deep cut in the world of web3 gaming, but we have to give it to them, it lives up to the hype. CoinHuntWorld gamifies real world activity by rewarding players with crypto and keys as they explore the world around them. 

This game utilizes the same sort of augmented-reality mechanic as Pokemon Go!, leading players on a digital treasure hunt in their own backyards. With the ability to play solo or on a team, you can start turning your weekend hikes and dog walking time into playable blockchain assets!

Thetan Arena

For fans of: Mortal Kombat, Fortnite


Thetan Arena is a combat-oriented game that combines unique (and sometimes cute!) aesthetic with the unbeatable playability of a four-on-four battle royale tournament. Something great about Thetan is its emphasis on gameplay as opposed to pure crypto farming; its free-to-play model means you can try this one out without having to buy heroes right away.

When you’re ready for play-to-earn, Thetan offers a genuinely fun experience as well as exclusive rewards. With its classic Mortal Kombat vibe, vibrant Pokemon-type characters and thoughtful mechanics, it’s not surprising that Thetan Arena has around 25 million players and continues to land amongst top 10 blockchain games lists. It’s free to play on the Google Play store now, so go check out the hype for yourself!

League of Kingdoms

For fans of: Clash of Clans, Civilization

lok -article

Fancy becoming a Lord of Blockchain, reigning peacefully over a vast and wealthy crypto fiefdom? Okay, that might not be a universal experience. But can start building your empire (and your wallet) in League of Kingdoms from virtually anywhere, no royal duties attached. In League, players own, develop, and defend their own kingdom. This is an MMO, so you can ally yourself with neighboring rulers to defend against enemies as well as employ other players to attend to your lands, all while earning real income from your bountiful harvest. 

League of Kingdoms also offers a passive income option for players who don’t want to be on their phones all day; if you own land in-game, 5% of resources harvested by other players and 10% of profits from in-game purchases go straight to landowners. With so many different ways to play, League of Kingdoms is one of the most engaging blockchain MMOs available on Google Play right now– and your castle awaits.


For fans of: strategy, Magic: The Gathering


Skyweaver bills itself as a card-trading game from another dimension, and it absolutely fits that bill. While there’s hundreds of card-based blockchain games on Google Play, Skyweaver stands out from the crowd as a thoughtful, gorgeously designed game with a genuine emphasis on player experience. Taking a look at its character design and card-based play quickly evokes a nostalgic Magic: The Gathering vibe. 

The mechanics are fairly simple; users battle to collect, trade, and gift playing cards, with high-powered bonuses as their collection grows. While it's based on a classic setup, Skyweaver’s unique appeal is rooted in its deep lore and character concepts. These elements are a testament to thoughtful blockchain gaming, and diving into Skyweaver’s expansive world is a total treat.


For fans of: World of Warcraft


With plenty of buzz online and even its own subreddit, Splinterlands is another great blockchain card game available on Google Play. Splinterlands has a classic World of Warcraft feel in terms of design, with comic-book-vivid  characters practically jumping out of your screen. As one of the original blockchain play-to-earn games, Splinterlands has really perfected striking the perfect balance of profitability and playability. 

Players collect and trade cards with real monetary value, and can battle other players using the arsenal they’ve collected. You can earn cards just by playing, which makes getting into Splinterlands easy and fun (without the price tag). The combat is pretty intuitive and easy to understand, but much more difficult to perfect, which keeps gamers constantly coming back for more. Splinterlands also requires a huge degree of strategizing when it comes to battling with your card collection; this game has actual, engaging challenges that come with real rewards. This game is compatible with both mobile and desktop, so no matter where you are or how you play, you can keep pushing your limits and amass a drool-worthy card collection.

Gods Unchained

For fans of:  Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering


If you haven’t played, seen, or heard about Gods Unchained, you’re probably reading this from under a rock. All jokes aside, if you want to talk about living up to hype, Gods Unchained is the undisputed champion. This titan of blockchain gaming is finally on Google Play and it’s as fun as ever. While other massive blockchain games have come and gone, fizzling out due to boring coin-farming gameplay, Unchained has only improved with time. 

Gods Unchained is completely free to play, which is a great sign of a good blockchain game. Like Thetan Arena, players collect card decks by playing and winning battles. That makes for genuine challenges as you progress, expanding and organizing your assets through trade and conquest. Take a dive into this title’s meticulous gameplay and intriguing lore and you’ll quickly see how it’s managed to keep a huge audience for over five years.